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Back to Germany for a month with a week travelling through Italy with our little one. Exciting Times!


We've been away for a month spending a week inbeautiful Kota Kinabalu and the rest in Germany. Catching up with Family has never felt better! A New Year, a New Goal - Capture more Beautiful memories! A few weddings coming up, Alyssa and Michael's wedding coming up next, Very excited to be back at King's Park again! 


A few family portraits coming up in Perth's lovely Spring wheather! Spring it on I say!



SO!! Reason for the hiatus? We've had a little bub :) 

Our Darling little Maya Alexa Boepple born late May and keeping us busy but very happy!



Guess what? Lovely little baby sessions coming up :), starting with the lovely Vernita and Ralph D'Sanges' gorgeous son Elias, coming up end of Feb!


Had the pleasure of capturing Sarah + Tristan's lovely wedding celebrations at the Royal Perth Yatch Club. The night just started as I left at 23:00, but it was a fun-filled wedding with plenty of love from both sides of the family!

Here's to the coolest cats on the married scene. :)



Had a great time shooting for JPreston's Smitten Magazine submission in July and I must say, very happy with the results! Check out the album on FB if you haven't done so already!

Getting ready for an engagement shoot with Sarah + Tristan, Julie + Cheyne in the next few months! Can't wait!


What's better than photographing the wedding of good friends? Well, getting the early shots of their pregnancy of course! Headed down to München for 2 days to visit Petra + Michael, and managed an impromptu shoot of her baby bump! stay tuned for updates!

Well, February proved to be busy and no signs of it slowing down yet! Just a note that we will be away for a month between April & May 2012 travelling, so stay tuned for some lovely updates!

Can anyone spot the updates from Karen + Mike's wedding yet? One on the Facebook page and another on the website! :)


Had a lovely photo session with Angela & Andrew Gorman's Neborn son, Aaron Gorman! Look out for his lovely picture on our facebook page!

It's looking to be quite an interesting year with all the enquiries so far, keep 'em coming! Looking forward to Karen & Mike's Wedding Coming up in February!
Busy trying to get long overdue edits out, so fingers crossed, you'll see an update soon!



Had the best time covering Petra & Michael Pelz's intimate beach wedding at Smith's Beach, Yallingup! Stay tuned Folks!

Finally met with Karen & Mike who have booked 78 Clicks to cover their wedding in February! Lovely and in-love couple indeed! Can't wait!


What do you do in the middle of Manjimup with two gorgeous women? Why SHOOT them of course! In an artistic and non blood-drawing form, naturally!
Stay tuned for lovely photos!

Had a fantastic time shooting for JPreston Makeup's new line of fashion lashes designed specially for makeup artists! Big thanks to Cassidy Hultgren and her gorgeous mom Janelle , Expecting mom Jollene and of course Jeannette.
Great teamwork today ladies!!

It's been a while folks but we have been busy! Had a great wedding inspiration shoot with Shay Webster & Mark Ramsay! Adelene's backyard proved to be the perfect venue! LOL! Her newly adopted dog 'Oppa' is a star in the making!;)


Working with animals is always great fun, especially with the dedicated people and volunteers at Shenton Park Dog's Refuge Home!
Adelene Wee gave me the pleasure of taking some shots on Saturday and we met an old friend, Bob, who was adopted when he was a young pup but our paths crossed again!
Hopefully he's in good hands now!



4 | June |2011

Had the pleasure of taking a few shots for Jeannette & Dennis Preston's little angel, Paige Miranda Preston!Photos are on its way!


15 | May |2011

Had so much fun at the Perth May Shoot today!7 Deadly Sins!!Photos are finally up and still going!

Oh Goodness! What a busy month!
One Blessed Day! Click HERE for their photo album!

Katarina & Mark Tumbler exchanged vows on this Blessed Day and we were privilleged enough to be there to capture the event!



AHH! The facebook page is up!!
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78 Clicks Photography took on its inaugral shoot with the Perth Monthly Group Photo Shoots, brainchild of gorgeous model, Sarah Mercier!

Great day and met many lovely models , Sarah, Tarryn, Kaye, Emily, Meike and talented photographers - Don, Seng, Dave!

Photographs are up on the facebook page!! AAAAAHHHHH!



Congratulations Mr & Mrs J. for tying the knot in effortless style!

It was a beautiful day set with scrumptious food!

Check out their wedding!


78 Clicks Photography spent a fantastic Hen's high tea party with Bride-to-be Cynthia Teng!

Pictures will be up very soon! Promise!



JPreston Makeup Shoot

78 Clicks Photography had the pleasure of shooting for JPreston Professional Makeup. With models, Rebecca Ashton, Chantalle Wissing, Anna Schroeder & Wanda Ho, it was a successful shoot for 12 hours! 7am to 7pm!

Brian, Ralf, Dennis, Adelene, Edward & Helga all came to support us , making the day even better! :)



Announcing Mr Ralph & Mrs Vernita D'Sanges!

A beautiful church ceremony in Bateman, followed by a seamless reception at the Novotel Hotel, it was quite a wedding!



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